Salers Society – Summer News 2021

Finally getting into print with our Summer news – as usual, different weather patterns from top to bottom – mostly dry or very dry in the north; John Gerke reports good rain and growth in the Manawatu, while John Harvie went from very dry to flood in the Nenthorn, over two days at new year.

The Willow Creek team have had a limited season, with so many shows cancelled due to Covid – but when I phoned, they were busy prepping for Arapahoe show. They have had alternating successes with the new Simmental cow, with calf at foot, and their top Salers cow-and-calf combination. Karen reports a particularly good, show-quality crop of Salers calves, so they are already planning a trip to the Christchurch Royal show 2021. They will be flat-out calf rearing during our Manawatu tour.

Team Woolley/Paceys’ Salers cow Dawn
Salers yearling bull – Garth

We remember John Smith of Lochamber Salers, with a photo of Johns’ last painting, plus a photo montage of John with his red cattle. thanks Anne for providing the photos.

John Smiths’ last painting
John with Lochamber Salers

Marion and Doug Beard have sent us photos of their Salers, calving in winter snow. They are also busy preparing for the annual Maple Syrup harvest.

Doug and Marion Beard sent us this photo of winter (Salers) calves in Canada

Thanks to Christine Cameron – Pix of calving time at Ngaio Glen Salers, Ngaputahi Station

We have decided to defy the risk of another Covid lockdown, and set up our Manawatu Tour – Maxine is working on reprising the tour we set up last year:

  • April 13/14. motel booked for nights of 12/ 13/ 14 April.

On the wishlist is:

  • Mt Bruce Wildlife Centre
  • Tui Brewery
  • Mangatainoka
  • Woodville Totararu Breeding Centre
  • Ridds Hemp Growing
  • Massey Uni/Lecture
  • plus visits to Salers @Carlsburg and Ngaio Glen

Final details/registration to follow – thanks to all who have emailed re Motel requirements – please email me on kohekohestud@xtra.co.nz so that we can confirm room requirements with South West Street Motel – Feilding.