Ngaio Glen Salers

Breeders: Forbes & Christine Cameron
Address: Ngaputahi Station
RD14 Ashhurst
Phone: +64 6 329 4050
Fax: +64 6 329 4051


Our Sheep breeding flock of over 5000 ewes and cow herds of over 500 are all run together under completely commercial conditions – where only the tough survive and only the elite thrive.

Our recorded flocks and herds are only separated at mating and lambing/calving. The remainder of the year they are part of a large commercial operation on medium to difficult hill country, which we are presently developing. Our aim is to have minimum input to produce maximum output. We have a 30 year proven practical history at developing flock and herd genetics towards this goal.

We were pioneers in carcass improvement with 18 years of objective measurements placing us at the forefront of the industry.

No culling is done for age and as long as a cow is sound and produces a good calf annually and holds together through a winter rotation she is retained in the herd.

This policy has helped us evolve a strain of beef cow with hardiness and longevity, and we believe this combined with our emphasis on productive traits gives Ngaputahi and our clients a competitive edge in the cattle industry of today and the future.

We do not consider ourselves “Stud Breeders” as such since our primary focus is to produce superior genetics that will profit our commercial operation on Ngaputahi.

This performance focus produces for you, the commercial farmer genetics that will thrive and perform in your environment, excel in productivity and, importantly, exceed present and future market requirements.

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