New Zealand Salers Society Incorporated-Minutes of the Annual General Meeting Held at the Carrick Winery, Bannockburn, Wednesday 4 May, 2016.1.45pm.

John Harvie, Mary Harvie, John Gerke, Maxine Gerke, Forbes Cameron, Christine Cameron, Ken Bain, Dawn Bain, Doug Harrington, Jenny Harrington, Ian McNaughton, Anna McNaughton, Beverley Gregory, Gwen Walker
Guests: Neville Bryant, Margaret Bryant, Murray & Mrs. Shepherd

Myra & Bazel Severinsen, Tricia Harvie, Brett and Lucy Teutenberg, Mike and Cushla Murphy.

By President John Harvie, followed by President’s Report.
Report proposed John Harvie, seconded Beverley Gregory.

Previous Minutes read and approved. Proposed Anna McNaughton, seconded Ken Bain,

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes.
Website now operational.
Bev and Gwen attended the International Conference/USA tour.
2014 Financial review was received July 2015.  2 copies – one mailed to John Harvie, one attached to the 2015 paperwork for Annual Review.

Financial Review for 2015, completed by Integrity Audit/Manukau City. Circulated and adopted, proposed Anna McNaughton, seconded Forbes Cameron.
Now very difficult/expensive to find accountants who will undertake reviews – thus a specialist company had to be found.
Forbes proposed that, due to the huge cost of this review, we seek assistance from a retired accountant or similar, to go through figures annually – Incorporated Societies are no longer required to provide full audits.
An annual check is an essential safeguard for both Society and Treasurer – Doug Harrington.
Beverley Gregory may be able to assist with a family friend an accountant – to investigate on our behalf – all asked to try and locate an accountant who would be prepared to run a basic safety check on our annual figures.
Annual costs of the NZPBB/ABRI systems (monthly fee for NZPBB, with extra charges for actual services; plus quarterly fees from ABRI…) again a great concern to our small Society, especially given Tricia Harvie’s report that we would now have to sign up to Internet Solutions with a set up cost of $650.00, followed by quarterly fees of $50.00; this to provide a service which should have been available from NZPBB for the past 18 months. The Internet Solutions system should however be an ideal system, with breeders provided with a template /instruction allowing them to download their own data.
John Harvie has undertaken to contact our Breeders and discuss their requirements, while Tricia and I will strategize re approach to NZPBB.

Correspondence. Emails only;
A copy of the International Salers report, following their meeting at the US tour, was circulated.  A list of the 7 new Member countries, which should assist in invigorating the international presence of Salers cattle, was included.
Emails with snapshots of Salers in New Zealand were sent to the US conference; the UK Salers magazine; the French book on Salers Cattle worldwide; plus a resume of all the above for the Heartland Beef/2016 edition.

Election of Officers.
With no fresh nominations at this point, it was proposed by Anna McNaughton, seconded Ken Bain, that we nominate the whole Committee for a further year.
President – John Harvie.
Vice President – John Gerke.
Secretary/Treasurer – Anna McNaughton.
Councillors – Forbes Cameron, Ian McNaughton.

General Business.
Doug Harrington proposed a special vote of thanks to Ken Bain and John Harvie for their organization of another most enjoyable Salers Tour; and thanks to the Harvie family/Nenthorn Salers for sponsoring a delightful outdoor lunch at Carrick Winery.  Anna McNaughton thanked for volunteering as Secretary/Treasurer.

2017 AGM and Tour.  Proposed John Gerke, seconded Maxine that we focus on the Taranaki area for our next Tour.  Suggestion that our members be notified of suggested dates, to see if the proposed dates – May 8-9-10 are suitable for most… To be included in the autumn newsletter.

The International Salers tour /October 2017 will be based in France; our spring is a very difficult time to leave the farm, but early planning might make this opportunity to view
Salers cattle in their birthplace, a possibility…

Closed meeting at 1.45pm