Salers Society – Spring News 2022

Our condolences go to Sue Rankin and family, on the loss of Tom Corbett. Tom was an early member of the Salers Society, establishing Sequoia Salers, herd 19, which we last visited on tour in 2015.

Tour photo including Tom Corbett, pictured on the far right
Sequoia Herd yarded in a very wet autumn

At last… we have an operating online Banking account… I have estimated that this has taken about 14 hours of volunteer time – meetings, phone calls, emails – for John Harvie, a wasted trip to Dunedin to complete paperwork, which could not be found; finally, a successful trip to Oamaru to complete his signing. The Pukekohe branch refused to complete the transactions until we had completed a formality which we had not minuted at our AGM (the removal of Cushla as a Signatory – we had forgotten that Cushla was still sitting there. With no evidence of paperwork for the removal of Cushla at the time of her resignation, this became a sticking point.) No-one from the Pukekohe branch could tell me why our minuted transactions were being held up by an action which could be completed at our next AGM. They transferred the problem to Takanini, and finally we were able to progress the establishment of internet banking, complete the process of adding Ian as signatory, and removing me as a signatory, which gives us Ian, John Gerke and John Harvie as signatories. We also closed a defunct account. Most non-profit organizations are similarly put through time-consuming hoops by banks… a time wasting frustration for volunteers.

Spring as usual is variable throughout both islands. We’ve been in a sweet spot, with plenty of rainfall topping up aquifers and springs, but falling mostly in 20 ml increments, so, very little mud or pugging. September is often beset by cold coastal winds up here, but this September we have had warm rain, grass and clover are well ahead of average. We’ve had to sell a couple of mobs from the sharefarmed coastal block, as once again film crews will be taking over down there… luckily, markets for 2yr plus cattle have been very strong. The small cow herd have done well, with one set of Salers /Hereford twin bulls surviving. The young ewe flock have gone very well – twins galore.
Other districts have been getting a bit too much rain… Karen Woolley reports mud, slips and very unpleasant farming conditions (which have not slowed down calf rearing, 800 so far this year, more to come with the milking cows producing enough for another batch) Karen is about to start prepping a small team of Salers for the show season, mostly yearling heifers as they are showing the most quality…

John Gerke reports the Manawatu is also very wet and muddy, waiting for sunshine…

More memories from the Manawatu Tour

Autumn Tour
No dates or details yet, but we are looking to head South.

We have a 5year old Ngaio Glen Red Salers BULL available… he is a moderate framed, polled, meaty bull with a quiet nature, just completed spring mating of our small herd.
Contact Ian on 021 029 87440 if you’re interested.

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