Salers Society – Summer Newsletter February 2019

Finally I am getting down to our Newsletter – it is another very hot day, so sitting at the computer is not too much of an imposition! Weeding (currently still battling a mature infestation of the horrible prickly Solanum Sodomeum – Apple of Sodom on the coastal block) can wait till the cool of the evening… Most of us have gone from “good summer feed” to crispy dry over about three weeks… We are glad that we caught the grass market after Christmas, to shed a few extra head of R2 and 2yr cattle. t least we have kikuyu still showing a bit of green, it will keep us going another fortnight… supplement will have to come out, if it stays dry… The Harvie team at Nenthorn, though, has had another wet season so far, plenty of supplement put away, and still green… Ditto Panikau, Cushla and Mike were seaside when I phoned, but the house sitter confirmed there is “still green grass” out there…

Sheryl Pacey reports that they are just getting very dry now; they have had a limited showing season – due to the M.Bovis restrictions – but they were able to keep their promise to Dave, and once again win the Meat and Wool Cup at the Hawkes Bay show, with the bull Hercules the big winner; their cow and calf cleaned up their classes. They had another successful day at Paparoa, and are preparing to show at Pukekohe this weekend…
I hope everyones’ calving has gone well, please get your calving records to Tricia

Our Tour 2019 is still taking shape – revisiting Nenthorn for the first time in a few years (Monday 13th), John says that the cattle are looking extra good after a great summer so far; on to Oamaru for two nights, with a garden tour, Rockvale, confirmed (Tuesday 14th) full details on the Registration page (a separate document included with the annual membership fees).

2) Polled Salers heifers at Morvan Freres farm – the herd here are mostly run outside, Antipodean style… these heifers were brought in for our inspection. Cumbrian Joker has been the major sire here, and one of his sons, Hussar is now having semen exported.

3) Show awards at Gaec Freysacc, the milking herd. These plaques are awarded rather than ribbons or cards – a great long-lasting recognition. All on the Tour were awarded a Salers plaque in the French red, white and blue colours – a great keepsake!

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