Salers Spring News

We hope that all are well and that we are soon back into “level 1” with the recent “cluster” still popping up in fits and starts. we have once again felt very lucky to be out in the country, the last weekend of Level 3 saw the local beaches crowded with city dwellers desperate for fresh air and open space!

Salers yearlings @ the Coast

It is officially spring. We are still short of moisture, after a pretty easy winter. It has mostly been warm enough for some pasture recovery from the long dry autumn. Typical September winds have set in, so we are glad to have hay and baleage to go, even after feeding out through late summer and much of the autumn. We are nearly through calving, very happy with the ratio of bull calves, running at 2 bulls for every one heifer.

Surprise package

We were invited to sponsor the Beef Cattle classes at the Waikato A&P Show, plans to catch up with the Willow Creek team, set up a promotional area, and hand out ribbons have been “covided” out of this years show – which will go ahead with cattle and their handlers only, no spectators or visitors allowed. Our sponsorship has been deferred until 2021, which apparently has happened before, due to M.Bovis last time. We have invested in some laminated, enlarged photos for the Salers promotion. The level 3 checkpoint restrictions caused hassles for farmers and growers with land both sides of the greater Auckland/Waikato boundary. The old Franklin boundary included Pokeno, Tuakau, and the “over the river” areas of Pukekawa and Onewhero. Instead of taking the simple option of having the Waikato river forming the boundary, every catchment which flows into the river is now in Waikato, including part of Waiuku and the settlements of Aka Aka and Otaua, both settlements were unable to get to services and shops outside Auckland, so they followed their usual shopping routines in Waiuku and Pukekohe.

From the historic photo files-Longview Salers

We  wish Mike and Cushla “all the best” as they plan their new life without Panikau at its centre.

Calving recording sheets will be mailed to everyone who requires them.

For Sale – 5 Well grown Yearling heifers, 3 purebred, 2  x 7/8 Salers, 1/8 Devon. Surplus as we are retaining their sire. Price negotiable.